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Live-in Companion Care

When a loved one is home bound it can be tough to arrange for consistent, high quality medical support.

With Specialized Nursing Services, we can organize everything from medication administration, general home care, personal hygiene and support daily activity. We’ll stay with your loved one night and day to ensure their well being.

Our caregivers can help patients with medications and even bring patients to non-emergency doctors visits. We can run errands, help with letter writing and correspondence, and light cooking. Our team can look after your loved one, and make sure they are supported in all the facets of their lives that are impacted by being homebound. We’ll help to ensure that the patient is receiving the right care at any time of day.

Is it time for home healthcare?

We’ll help them dress and clean, prepare meals and even take care of pets. We’ll water plants and chat with your loved one. We want them to be comfortable in their own home and with our Live-In Companion Care you can be sure they will. Our goal is to support your loved one to live comfortably so you can rest assured they are being taken care of.

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  1. Call one of our home healthcare professionals or contact us via this page. We are available to speak to you seven days a week.
  2. Our home care professionals will listen to your needs and answer all your questions, including those about clinical and insurance coverage.
  3. A certified nurse or elder care service professional is scheduled and will arrive within 24 hours.

Get in Touch

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