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Great New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

As our loved ones age, it is important to keep their minds young and flexible. To increase neural plasticity and keep strong memory we must always promote growth. It is important to actively use the mind. This is easy to achieve with our parents and elderly loved ones by setting some well designed new years resolutions.


Expertise in Post-Hospital Home Care

Has your elderly or sick parent recently been released from the hospital and is still in need of bedside care? Many geriatric people leave the …


Why SNS is Different Than Other In-Home Nursing Care Agencies

Specialized Nursing Services of South Florida is proud to offer in-home nursing care, home health aides, and professional nursing supervision in the home. It’s our …

Loved One

Dealing with Guilt about Hiring a Caregiver for Your Loved One

It’s a fact that the love and compassion you can provide to your loved ones is unmatchable. However, in situations such as where serious illness …


Planning Ahead for the Upcoming Holidays With Your Loved Ones

Holidays are an important time of the year for families to come together. It can be challenging to accomplish this goal if there are elderly …

Loved Ones

Preventing Serious Falls for Your Elderly Loved one

Elderly people often become vulnerable due to lack of mobility and weak limbs, which can cause a fall. These falls can be quite serious, therefore …

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